We are available to speak and teach to help any group obtain, confirm and grow in biblical understanding.

We have written newspaper articles for the Spartanburg Herald-Journal and post commentaries on page 3 of this website.

We also broadcast two radio programs; "Real Bible Study" @ 12:00 Noon ET (eastern time) on Sundays is our one hour contextual teaching and question answering program. 

We also have a devotional program "Thinking Biblically"  That airs Monday-Friday on WPJM.

Real Bible Study can be heard Live - Sundays at 12 Noon (ET), on WPJM 800 AM and locally in Upstate SC  

If your radio station, TV station, website or publication is interested in our programs, content or perspective - contact us.

Tune in and fellowship with us locally or on the web, On Sundays, the 12:00 Noon (ET) program streams online worldwide (to internet devices, computers, tablets, smartphones, etc).Many of our recorded programs are on page 2 of this website.

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Telephone # 864.205.2987

Send mail to: P O Box 6851; Spartanburg, SC 29304

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One In Christ Ministries promotes authentic evangelism and genuine growth to maturity in The Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah) through teaching biblical content in context and training in God's righteousness with biblical soundness.

We have been actively involved in various aspects of ministry including; large group, small group, event, Q&A, campus, apologetic, biblical counselling, prison ministry and broadcasting.

One In Christ Ministries